Pools and results

Beach Tournament

Crosby Sunday, July 2nd

At 9.45am the prospects of running the advertised handicap tournament didn't look good, the clouds were high, the temperature was OK, but the breeze and the breakers were coming straight from Ireland and the wind was quite brisk. At that stage it looked more like the venue for a surfing competition than a volleyball event.

We put up a net to test the conditions before deciding whether to postpone the event and by that time most of the teams who'd entered had arrived. A few of them looked at the weather/ wind conditions and decided they didn't want to play but several teams notably the Preston/ Wigan contingent and the Chester players were happy to stay.

It was a bit breezy early on - Where’s that ball gone?

24 players stayed on giving us six teams of 4 mixed up by age, gender and ability.

It was high tide at 11:00am, the wind eased as the tide went out and conditions became more playable allowing us to complete a full six team round robin competition.

Some good volleyball was played, everyone had fun and got a lot of time on court and we were able to present winners and runners up trophies at 2:30pm.

Brian Kendall Beach - Mixed Cup Winners 2023

It wasn't the Brian Kendall knock-out cup we planned - maybe we can find another date to play that competition. There was certainly plenty of demand for a rerun from the teams who turned up including those who didn't play. But we can count it a successful event and a brilliant reminder of Brian Kendall style organisation where you make up the best competition you can on the day with the players available.